About Us

Social Democratic Party of Sri Lanka (SDPSL) envisions to establish a political system to ensure social justice and equality. We believe in a market driven economy subject to certain regulatory framework. Our implementation plan will cover a pragmatic and innovative political, social and economic development approach instead of a static ideology. We endorse the underlined principle that the “human life is so precious, endowed with freedom and opportunity”, while upholding the political philosophy, which ensures simplicity, humility, compassion and inclusiveness. We are committed to use the country’s resources to improve the economic conditions of the people to enable them to lead a decent life with human dignity.


We trust a just society could only be created by widening educational opportunities for all our children, without any discrimination.  We believe in a more equitable humane system of improved welfare in vital areas with greater humanism. Our party members are therefore required to commit themselves to rise-above the demands of narrow self-interest and develop a sincere, large hearted concern for the welfare of others and the greater good of the masses.  We want to promote inner peace in all citizens so that our political philosophy implies an enlightening transformation. We are convinced that we will not succeed in building a happy, peaceful and prosperous nation if we permit, greed, hatred and delusion,


We are dedicated to lead governance by example. We believe unenlightened life is suffering. We are also convinced that life becomes a profound and precious opportunity only if they are provided with learning, exploring, evolving, sharing, caring, creating and serving their community. We are fully well aware that the capacity of the citizens for moral, ethical and spiritual development depends upon the material conditions of the society in which they live.


If people are mired in poverty and oppressed by hunger and want, they would no doubt find it hard to hold to a path of moral rectitude. In our view, we give therefore foremost place to achieve economic justice, which is integral to social harmony and political stability. We believe that there are no passengers on spaceship called SRI LANKA. Hence, we all are its navigators tasked with the noble responsibility of directing it on track towards making a dignified, enlightened Society in a prosperous country. We therefore believe in the responsible use of political power and moralization. We promote only non-violence and peace.  We renounce victory and defeat for the purpose of creating winners in order to diffuse tensions.


We believe knowledge is power. Abuse of power, abuse of language, abuse of religion, cultivation of inequality and deceit – would no doubt tear the heart of this Nation. We need the change. We are sincerely dedicated to the cause. We shall do it.


Making an economically free and prosperous, socially inclusive, culturally tolerant and integrated, politically sound and democratic, equality to everybody in every respect and before law, rule of law and accountability, environmentally caring and sustainable, scientifically and technologically innovative and advanced, internationally mutually respected and reciprocal, enabling all the citizens to live in peace, harmony, with self-dignity and free from any fears, with love, compassion and spiritual awakening.




සිංහල සහ දෙමළ ප්‍රතිපත්ති ප්‍රකාශන මෙතනින් බාගත කරගන්න.  සිංහල  தமிழ்