Assure Rule of law.
No one will be above the law. Laws will be enforced, without any discrimination, in accordance with the established procedural steps – the due process. We believe that the law must afford adequate protection of all fundamental human rights and civil liberties at all times in all places to live a life to fulfil their dreams individually and collectively because rule of law is a sine-qua-non for economic development.
Put in operation a sound democratic governance by public accountability.
We believe leaders need to use power responsibly for governance to be democratic. Furthermore, effective accountability is essential for government to be kept under check and observation. We will therefore ensure that the government conforms to best practices to promote equal competition, opportunity, participation and partnership and transparency.
An end to the arbitrary policy lurch between far-left and far-right as governments changed
We believe that the past governments have failed to clearly define rules and guidelines to establish clear regulatory standards that facilitate planning and promote consistency and to prevent deviation for non-public purposes. We will give citizens their right to be heard and ensure a stable administration with public accountability, free from corruption and waste of national assets.
Maintain effective and efficient foreign relations in a performance driven culture
Maintain effective and efficient foreign relations in a performance driven culture with other countries and International & Regional Institutions to safeguard peaceful coexistence, mutual respect and reciprocal benefits. We propose to address key issues such as building stronger relations with our neighbours including industrial development, rural development, trade opportunities and economic growth through improved foreign relations


Making an economically free and prosperous, socially inclusive, culturally tolerant and integrated, politically sound and democratic, equality to everybody in every respect and before law, rule of law and accountability, environmentally caring and sustainable, scientifically and technologically innovative and advanced, internationally mutually respected and reciprocal, enabling all the citizens to live in peace, harmony, with self-dignity and free from any fears, with love, compassion and spiritual awakening.




සිංහල සහ දෙමළ ප්‍රතිපත්ති ප්‍රකාශන මෙතනින් බාගත කරගන්න.  සිංහල  தமிழ்