Our Principles

Here are the 20 Principles that We are based on
Protect Sri Lanka’s Sovereignty and Inseparable Territorial Integrity.
Interim Government During General Elections
Establish an Interim Government led by the Head of the Executive with non-party cabinet of ministers to manage the country during the period of General Elections.
parliamentary democracy
Protect the system of executive power through parliamentary democracy.
Sound National Policies
Introduce Sound National Policies for all sectors of the country which will be developed with facilitation and assistance of sector specific professionals.
15 Cabinet ministries
Limit the number of ministries in the Cabinet to 15 by the constitution with equal number of deputies; whereas subjects and functions of the ministries will be determined on a scientific basis and professionals be given a priority in making appointments to such offices.
All religions and religious dignitaries will be accorded all the support and encouragement to uplift the spiritual values of their followers to enrich the identity and dignity of such groups for promoting reconciliation and harmony among all ethnicities; with the expectation of building a nation where there is no form of discriminations against its citizenry based on racial, religious, caste, ethnic, gender, employment, livelihood and social or economic status. SDP will not accept any individual or organization who is not complying with this principle for party enrolment or alliance.
Promote the existing status and composition of ethnic, religious, cultural and socio-economic structure of Sri Lanka as the foundation for: lasting ethno-religious harmony, strengthen mutual respect, tolerance, regard and recognition, while ensuring socio-economic and cultural coexistence in diversity, national reconciliation, and nation building in common effort where unity can be flourished to secure a better country for all at present and generations to come.
Safeguard the people’s sovereignty
Safeguard the people’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the country by adopting a steadfast strategy in management of regional geopolitical concerns through maintaining non-confrontational diplomatic relations with our closest neighbours, on the basis of peaceful co-existence, non-interference into each other’s internal affairs, mutual respect and non-alignment in order to avoid of being a victim of geopolitical interests of the global superpowers on the one hand, and rationally to understand and proceed with our partners in progress , on the other.
Non-aligned foreign policy
Believe in a foreign policy based on Non-aligned principles.
Maintain friendly and cordial relationships on the basis of mutual respect and reciprocal benefit with India, China, Japan, Australia, USA, UK, EU countries, Russia and other countries, where all its diplomatic missions are managed by career diplomats and professionals.
A free and fair market driven but regulated by the state policies.
Develop the economy with major contribution of the private sector within a free and fair market driven but regulated by the state policies.
A strong middle class
Believe and support creating and establishing a strong middle class as the main determinable factor in social and economic progress of the country.
Consider Education, Health care and Transport sectors as essential services that should be provided to the people without any discrimination to the highest quality and efficiency by both state and private sectors, under the direct supervision and regulatory mechanism of the government; supported by state subsidiaries, while directing the private investments into these sectors preferably on the basis of “not for profit” ventures, managed as Public Corporations or Board of Trustees.
Free Education & Freedom of Education Guaranteed
Nurture the “Free Education” and ensure Freedom to Education of all children, youth and adults.
Support use of modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to the maximum levels in achieving highest efficiency of performance including the State Governance, National Defense, Law and Order maintenance.
Simplify the tax policy by expanding the direct taxes and do away with indirect taxes with a view to increase people friendly income and revenue collection to the state.
Handholding Support to Entrepreneurs
Handholding Support to strengthen Entrepreneurs: Facilitate local entrepreneurs to invest and diversify the existing businesses and open new ventures; where joint ventures with foreign investors by local companies and foreign direct investments into designated areas are encouraged and tax and other concessions may be extended.
Business start-up support
Facilitate express business startup process through decentralization by establishing “One Stop Clearing Agencies” to a fast track both local and foreign investment into the economy. The entire process should not be exceeded Three Months, from the initial acceptance of the application.
Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management (DRM)
Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management (DRM) into Development Process: Mainstream Disaster Risk Management with special reference to climate change, environmental protection, poverty alleviation, gender aspects and post disaster resilience building into development process.
Development & Conservation Go Hand in Hand
Development & conservation should go Hand in Hand: Adopt the principle that the “development and conservation should go hand in hand,” when granting the statutory approvals for development projects and programmes.
Curtailing the Public Funds Wastage by the Government
Prevent the Public Funds Wastage, Abuse and overspending by Government: prevent the unnecessary and extravagant spending of public funds by the ministries and the state institutions, politicians and public officials to obtain undue advantages such as political and personal gains, popularity, win elections, etc., through implementing special laws and regulations.
Stop spending government funds for political propaganda
Stop spending government funds for political propaganda, ceremonies, openings such as roads, various projects, renovations etc.
Stop maintaining top heavy governments
Stop maintaining top heavy governments, unlike in the private sector, and restricting misuse of public funds for elected representatives.
Strengthen Right to Information Act
Strengthen Right to Information Act and citizens to be given the right to have access to all official records.
Stop displaying photographs
Stop displaying photographs of the President, Prime Minister and Ministers in Public offices.
Adopt both left and right-wing policies
Adopt both left and right-wing policies pragmatically to upgrade state governance.
Abolish giving preference for political henchmen
Abolish giving preference for political henchmen etc., for top jobs in state service, foreign service etc., and creating meritocratic and corruption free public service
Stop political victimization
Stop political victimization


Making an economically free and prosperous, socially inclusive, culturally tolerant and integrated, politically sound and democratic, equality to everybody in every respect and before law, rule of law and accountability, environmentally caring and sustainable, scientifically and technologically innovative and advanced, internationally mutually respected and reciprocal, enabling all the citizens to live in peace, harmony, with self-dignity and free from any fears, with love, compassion and spiritual awakening.




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