Rationale For Our Being

We are convinced that the prime duty of democratic governance is to preserve the rights of all citizens. Successive governments, democratically elected by the people, have however during the past several decades, craftily destroyed every imaginable sector, including human rights, rule of law, national integrity, civil rights etc., It is distressing that we are presently lagging far behind many of our Asian neighbours. We have been fortunate to enjoy well-defined socio economic and political indicators, much higher than most of them, at the time of independence from the colonial rulers.


It was unfortunate, a devastating thirty-year war, which had engulfed the entire country and two insurgencies in the South against the elected governments had also pushed the country to the brink of destruction. In addition, citizens do not trust elected representatives anymore; because most politicians are utterly corrupt. As a result, in Sri Lanka, criminal justice institutions too necessary to support a democratic society has suffered a severe misfortune.  We are therefore convinced that democratic governance is the most crucial and basic need for the country to move forward economically, socially and politically, while giving utmost consideration and regard for our natural habitats and the anthropogenic resources.  


Owing to bad governance, the aspirations and the quality of life of all Sri Lankans extensively – young or old, poor or rich, skilled or unskilled have been destroyed manipulatively to the advantage of corrupt politicians. This is despite, among other things, having loads of professionals, intellectuals, a wealth of experience and wisdom, spiritual leaders, a vibrant culture, admirable natural eco-system and most importantly, an unique strategic global geographic position.  We too had started programmes and similar social, economic agenda such as policies of liberalization, free market, structural adjustments and reforms similar to countries like China, in 1978, although we have not been able to successfully achieve the goals as desired.


Shouldn’t we at this late stage wonder who are responsible for all these failures of the country and for the deterioration of good governance, democracy, public accountability, rule of law, social justice, ethnic and religious harmony, civic rights, etc.? It is sad that there will be no end to the troubles of our State, until we establish a skillful egalitarian system to govern the country with rulers possessing good leadership qualities who are righteous, unprejudiced, fair-minded and generous to the citizens, without the craving or attachment for fame, publicity, wealth, property etc., with a firm commitment to protect human rights, establish rule of law, and democratic governance.

In the light of the above, we are all determined to end this vicious cycle and reverse its ill effects. We will prevail upon the clergy, government and alternative bases of political power, administration, professionals, opinion leaders and the informed segments of the public to restore integrity and sanity of our society and sanctity of our motherland.  We unite ourselves to become strengthened as an enlightened informed force.  We have a duty to transform our motherland to be more responsive, accountable, inclusive, effective, efficient and legitimate.  We are fully well aware that a democratic state cannot be stable unless it is effective, responsive, and committed to respect and support its citizenry.


We are determined to outreach the masses, who are angry, disillusioned and lost faith in the present governance system by getting them involved, engaged, educated, enlightened, mobilized, empower and enabling them to achieve greater heights.  We only want to breath our last after uniting all the forces and performing our duties and responsibilities towards our motherland.  It is our firm resolve to form a unique team to make this change for the benefit of all Sri Lankans today and tomorrow.


Making an economically free and prosperous, socially inclusive, culturally tolerant and integrated, politically sound and democratic, equality to everybody in every respect and before law, rule of law and accountability, environmentally caring and sustainable, scientifically and technologically innovative and advanced, internationally mutually respected and reciprocal, enabling all the citizens to live in peace, harmony, with self-dignity and free from any fears, with love, compassion and spiritual awakening.




සිංහල සහ දෙමළ ප්‍රතිපත්ති ප්‍රකාශන මෙතනින් බාගත කරගන්න.  සිංහල  தமிழ்